Who Is The Best Realtor?

There are lots of realtors out there and you want the best. 
Am I The Best?

The answer is a definite Maybe. I'm not dodging the question - Frankly, it'd be very easy for me to say Yes, I am the Best. Lots of realtors do but perhaps, like me, you've wondered how so many can be the best. It is a difficult thing to quantify.

It may very well be that I'm the best choice for you. You can rest assured that I'll do my utmost to make it so, but I understand that everyone is different and sometimes despite the best intentions, certain personalities don't fit together very well. If that should happen, I'll be happy to recommend one of the other excellent people in our office to work with you.

If you only want to see homes that meet stringent criteria and you have lots of time, you don't want a realtor who calls you every time a new listing comes on the market, even if it's not a match.

If the home isn't as important as getting into it quickly, then you don't want a realtor who is screening out homes because he thinks you won't like them.

What I do is listen to you and try to find homes that meet your needs & desires. When we find the right home I listen again to learn what strategy for negotiation works best for you. It's important to me that when you close on your new home, it's one you're happy with and that you've gotten it at a price you're comfortable with.

Your satisfaction with my performance is far more important to me than any other factor because if you're not happy with me, you won't recommend me to people you come into contact with and I'll be unable to achieve a Referrals Only business.